Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Interview with Mike Loniewski

Where did you get the idea for Myth?

My fiance and I have worked with neglected and at-risk children for several years and it's had a huge impact on us. When you deal with children who have been abused, all of them are looking for a way to escape. That's how Myth really started.

My first story notes came while I sat in my truck before night class. I was thinking about some of my experiences with these children and just started scribbling thoughts down. I started playing with this idea of one of these children befriending a giant that would protect him. The story has expanded a great deal since then, but, at its core, it's still about this lost boy searching for home.

Who inspires you as a writer?

I just really enjoy a great story. There's something special about a good yarn that can just draw you in. For me, Frank Miller is someone who has inspired me early on. I remember reading Batman: Year one and becoming obsessed. I was in a mad craze to get my hands on anything he had done. From there it opened the door to people like Mike Mignola. Lately, I've been inspired by creators like Brian Clevenger on Atomic Robo and David Petersen with Mouse Guard.

Outside of comics, Michael Chabon and Cormac McCarthy amaze me. Their writing is such a pleasure to read and you can become so absorbed in the stories they are telling. Someone I really admire is the children's author/illustrator William Joyce. His stories can put me in such a great mood, it's scary!

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