Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Interview With E.T. Dollman!

E.T. Dollman brings his creative lettering talents to the pages of Myth. We sat down with the master to find out what makes him tick.

You give the characters their voice. What goes into determining what style you use for a story?

My main influence is the style of the artist involved, together with the mood of the story. I just try to match the lettering with all the rest, to let it be more "natural", to let the words and balloons be part of the art. I'm practically a beginner so sometimes I tend to letter a little too heavy, but my real aim is just good placement together with an invisible style.

What are some of the biggest challenges when lettering a comic?

Every new comic I letter is a new challenge since every story and artist are different. To choose the right style for the lettering, the best balloon shape, the right font and the sound effects, drawing a good logo, it is a challenge every time.

Who are some of your biggest influences in the comics industry?

First of all, the comics I letter, they are my main influence. Some of the artist, writers, and editors I work with have given me great advice. I try to learn something from everyone. Then there are comics I use as reference like The Goon and Hellboy. I also like a lot of good old wordy comics. Web of Horror, Vault of Horror, full of irregular balloons! And I've been inspired by the talented letterers at the Digital Webbing Lettering Showcase, too. I've learned almost everything there. I must thank Mr. Piekos for all those fonts and professional tips, Cyxodus, whose Ninja Lettering website has everything a newcomer needs to start lettering, and all the other letterers who post their thoughts and knowledge on the forum.

There you have it, folks! A great interview from an even better man.


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  2. Everyone at Digital Webbing and myself are grateful for the shout out. You're a talented letterer.

    - Payton

    (aka -Cyxodus)