Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Final Week...

So we've finally come to the home stretch and it has been a blast thus far. We can't tell you how incredible it has been to have had our comic viewed by so many supportive people. There are 5 days left with plenty of time to let your voices be heard. Don't be shy. Stop in and leave a comment. Let us know you want to see more Myth! Thanks for getting behind us this month and lets do some climbing this final week.


  1. Myth deserves to be higher IMO.

  2. Thanks, Adam. We are doing what we can. Hopefully the work speaks for itself. Thanks for getting behind us.

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  4. Hey guys, good luck with Myth. Are you guys going to continue with Myth no matter the outcome of Zuda?

    Great blog, I love this behind the scenes stuff.

    Peace out
    - Lockstock

    P.S. - That above comment was mine, don't know what happened. Can you delete it?


  5. lockstock and adam thanks for supporting us...

  6. story was cool. I loved the mark making and black (brush?) strokes.